Castilla MPS operatives arrested a suspect in the heinous murder of mother and daughter on Thursday at 14 pm, July 14, 2021 but died after snatching a Gun in the operative.
Based on the report of PMAJ MARMAY O FARTINGCA, Chief of Castilla MPS to Provincial Director PCOL ARTURO P BRUAL JR, his staff conducted a hot pursuit operation in relation to the heinous murder of the mother and daughter right inside their house in Sitio New Brgy. Tomalaytay, Castilla, Sorsogon last Wednesday at 2021. am, July 14, 2021.
It was found that the responding police have suffered the tragic consequences of the mother and daughter who are both excellent and dead, bathing in their own blood and have wounds and stabs in some parts of the body. The mother has a knife cut between her thighs, nearly cut her head and broke her jaw and also looks at the angle of rape as she was found without her relative's cover. The six-year-old girl, apart from the edges of the neck, also received stabs in the face and various body parts. The victim's relatives are lucky to see a one-year-old boy who is also the son of the victim whose clothes and body are full of blood.
Castilla MPS immediately conducted an intensive investigation and gathered information about the crime so the identity of the suspect was determined. Operatives immediately went to their possible location by crossing the sea and successfully captured the mountainous part of Brgy. Castilla, Sorsogon. The suspect immediately confessed to his crime.
But when they returned to the station, the suspect suddenly became aggressive and the gun grabbed the operative holding him and forced the police to fire it. After that, our police immediately called the MDRRRMO rescue team of Castilla to take the suspect to the hospital but when he got there, he was declared dead.
PCOL ARTURO P BRUAL JR extends his heartfelt condolences to the victim and relatives of the deceased. Castilla MPS personnel were also thanked especially those who helped due to the immediate resolution of this case.
It's true that the Police is always Reliable because the ocean and the mountains will be checked so that justice and justice for the victims can be delivered immediately.

Provincial Director