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Monday, 01 February 2021 14:18

Simultaneous Mass Oath-taking, Donning and Pinning of Ranks Featured

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PBGEN BARTOLOME R BUSTAMANTE, RD, PRO5 administered the simultaneous Mass Oath-taking, donning and pinning of ranks of the newly promoted Police Commissioned Officers and Police Non-Commissioned Officers for the 2nd Level Uniformed Personnel on January 15, 2021 held at the PRO5 Grandstand Camp, BGen Simeon A Ola, Legazpi City.

In his message, PBGEN BUSTAMANTE said that, “In stepping up the higher rung of the career ladder, you also show your readiness and willingness to carry greater and more demanding responsibilities which I am confident you will be able to do.

PRO5 is fortunate to have police personnel who truly understand their roles in creating safe, orderly and peaceful communities. Though our efforts may not always be recognized, and even if we may not receive any monetary rewards, let us not forget that the greatest reward that we can receive is the gratitude of the people we serve and protect, and in knowing that we are part of a greater, nobler undertaking in making our communities safe for all.”

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